Side projects I like to create, study and learn in my free time, it's like a hobby.


  • A personal project I created to learn ReactJS with Typescript using Stateless Authentication with JWT and localStorage, as also improve my skills in product development, UI/UX, SEO, and so on.
  • This is a Micro SaaS (software as a service) project, that uses Stripe checkout to take care of payments and subscriptions management.
  • Source Code:

  • A personal project I created to learn NestJS with Typescript, Clean/Hexagonal Architecture Principles (ports, useCases, repositories, etc) and Stateless Authentication using JWT and localStorage, as also improve my skills in product development, API development and documentation, SEO, tests, and so on. This project saves data to JSONs files for simplicity and fast development.
  • Source Code:

Galhardo Painter

Galhardo Finances

  • A simple project that I created to control my personal finances, using Vite and vanilla Javascript to control the DOM, in addition to saving the data in localStorage, and being able to export the data in JSON and CSV format.
  • Source Code:


TypeScript CLI Turn-Based-RPG

  • Refactor of the Python game created to learn TypeScript syntax.

ToDo API Clean Architecture

Galhardo Cripto BOT


Galhardo APP 3.0

  • A personal project I created to learn how to program a ecommerce and a MicroSaaS
  • Using MVC structure with Clean Architecture Principles (useCases, ports, repositories, etc), mustache view template engine, NodeJS, Express, TypeScript, Docker, PostgreSQL, PrismaORM, RabbitMQ, Stripe API for payments, Telegram API for logs and MailTrap API for emails.

Galhardo Telecom

  • A simple landing page and customer login web system I created as a demo while freelancing.


Hackathon ComuniCode Madre Cabrini

  • Project carried out during a hackathon in 2018 while I was in the third semester of computing college. I was the only programmer on my team with 3 other people.
  • A funny fact: at that time, I barely knew how to do CRUD and I didn't know what REST APIs were yet, essential basic knowledge at that hackathon.


Python CLI Turn-Based-RPG

  • One of the first side projects I created, to learn OOP and Python programming language.